As a participant of one of the workshops you will learn to prepare a number of Greek dishes in a simple way , so it is easy to make them yourself at home.
You can find these recipes on our site.

The workshops will be held in Greece on the island of Paros.
The site is an ancient Greek farm.
Cooking will take place indoors but we will eat outside.
Because of its unique location you will have a beautiful view of the environment.

There is no fixed date for the workshops, we will try to accommodate you as much as possible.
Number of participants for these workshops will be up to six persons.
There is also room for 'dinner-only' people.

Prices for 2 till 6 persons are:
  • Diner workshop: 100,- euro p.p.
  • 1 day workshop: 120,- euro p.p.
  • 2 day workshop: 200,- euro p.p.
  • Diner-only: 20 euro p.p.
  • For 1, and for more than 6 persons, please sent me an E-mail.

    Every day a number of boats will leave for Paros from Athens, Mykonos and Santorin.
    There is also the possibility to fly from Athens to Paros on a local flight.

    For a pleasant stay in Aliki on the island of Paros one of the following accommodations would be a good choice:
    Ikia Studio's
    Villa Konitopoulos
    Marias Vlillage

    These accommodations are located in the pretty fishing village of Aliki and they all have very beautiful and tastefully decorated rooms.
    The combination of a workshop with a stay in either Ikia Studios, Villa Konitopoulos or Marias Village ensures an enjoyable holiday on the island of Paros.
    However, you have to book your accomodation yourself!

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