We are Eddy and Louise and for a couple of months each year we live on the island of Paros, in a traditional old Cycladic farmhouse, in the mountains. Itís very guiet there and the views are breathtaking.
From our house we can see the islands to the south of Paros and every evening we see the sunset over Antiparos and Syfnos. Itís a place where you can come to completely relax.
Around the house there is room for many people to eat, so we often invite friends for dinner.
Afterwards many of them ask: ďWe enjoyed the meal very much Eddy- HOW do you cook like that?Ē
I used to answer ďjust put some onions and other things in a pan with garlic, oregano, salt and olive oil and in a couple of hours itís readyĒ but then I realised that this was no way to treat my friends Ė their questions were meant seriously and I wanted to answer them properly.
I began to write down the recipes and added some pictures to make them even clearer.
Because of the limited cooking equipment I have - just a very few pots and pans and a gas stove with two burners - I taught myself a special way of cooking. Itís difficult to make te recipes stable, but in most cases I found a good way to do it. I sent those recipes to our friends and, encouraged by their enthusiasm, I decided to publish them on an internet site, making them available for a bigger audience.
Itís not my intention to write a new Greek cookbook. These recipes have evolved from how I personally feel about Greek food and how it can prepared in a simple way with the materials I have available The recipes are tradidional Greek but I have adapted them to MY special way of non-traditional cooking.
If by any chance you are coming to the island of Paros, and are curious about eating or cooking one of my meals, please feel free to call us to make an appointment.
Our telephone numbers are:
0030 6932 240 437 (Eddy)
0030 6932 840 948 (Louise).



Greek Cooking